Sunday, June 1, 2008

April 28th email

Last week you asked what I would like if you sent a package. I would suggest not sending anything if it's too expensive, and I would guess it would be but throughout the week I did think of the main things I would like if you were to send something...not really food funny as that is :) haha, I've never been a HUGE food person. I already mentioned the tinted face lotion like mom sent me before, and more persa-gel oxy for your face...those little germ-x hand sanitizers of mine will probably run out soon and I'll REALLY want more of those for the rest of the time I'm here. They have alcohol stuff here but the hand sanitizeris way better. Another white undershirt... haha... and if it was cheap and easy having a skirt (shirts are easier to find here but maybe a good missionary-ish short sleeve shirt that would match a skirt kind of like the pink one you sent me, still conservative but maybe more of a flowing style and not so hot. The skirts I have, especially the brown one, are REALLY hot and kind of long but that's not a big deal if it's too hard or expensive it would just be nice. What is more important is I don't have plan of salvation props. If you could find good ones there that have little laminated pictures of each step, a body, a spirit body the pre-earth life all the kingdoms etc. you know that would be good because right now my companion has some but when she's not my companion I may want my own. Pictures in general are good if I could put a small book together to carry around with pictures like of Christ and the twelve apostles, a baptism, the nephites in America resurrection, garden of gethsemane, people praying as a family etc. they are really good for teaching, especially since we teach so many children. Also...gallon size ziplock bags, they have come in so handy and I've used all of mine up now and can't find them here. Well, that would be all. Mom mentioned that I went into the overdraft. Sorry, I guess that was before you put the 200 in because I don't think I've used that 200 up since then. I did just last week buy myself a good tagalog-english dictionary when we were at zone conference so I'm not sure what my new balance is. My real problems are that I don't fully know how to transfer pesos into dollars to figure out how much I'm spending and I don't know the cu... (So...this would be all that I had saved. A much longer and actually addressing the gospel and my work and my life letter followed this but the Internet kicked me off and got mad and all that and only saved this much of the letter and now we are outof time to write so I can't re-do it.) I'm sorry and will try to do more of it later. Thank you for your emails and I hope you all continue to do well. I will write you hand written letters tonight which you won't get for another two weeks but there is always next Monday :)

I'm really upset actually because that took me a long time and now it's all gone but it's okay. I think I get to call you next week, problem is they didn't give us any specifics about it so I have no idea when to tell you to wait for my call or how it will work so maybe be around your phone all the time? I have no idea! haha...especially with time differences it will probably be early in the morning or late at night and I'm not sure if it will be Sat Sun or Mon. Happy Mothers day though :) And sorry again for the lack of a good email this week, blame bad internet connections.