Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 5th email to Garyn

Hey, sorry your responses back are short. This one is going to be also but it'saddressed to JUST you, aren't you special? I don't have very much time,really, to read and type all the things I would like to but that's for a goodpurpose. Is it your queen of hearts play that is soon? I think I getto talk to everyone next week so you can just tell me about how it all was then,if the whole crazy phone business works. Actually...I'm going to end this here,haha...almost not worth having done but I need to respond to dad real quick and then be done for today with Email. How is everything going with finding a job? Im sure wherever you end up you'll learn a lot. Random as it is, I left homefor College and needed a job for the summer to help me pay for everything in lifenow that I was along "kind of" Iw asn't really ever along everyonealways helped me and I was living with Julie but the first job I got was janitorial,cleaning bathrooms...really nice ones though in a brand new building. The hourswere late at night. I wanted a different job, I wanted the job I ended up gettingat the end of the summer at the counseling center but my experience all summer cleaningrestrooms, the people I met and learning to really enjoy it was a such a blessing. I even chose to return to that job the next summer to earn a little extra moneybefore going to boy scout camp. Then at the MTC our service each week was to cleanthe bathrooms and I LOVED IT. Everyone thought Iw as so funny but it brought goodmemoreis and just cleaning hard nad getting wet and sweaty felt good. My adviceis to enjoy whatever work you do. My Branch PResident, PResident Lant, at the MTCsaid to use frequently..."Whatever I do I do it unto the Lord, and I do it happily, if i'm called upon to be the man who dumps the trash every day thenI do it in the name of the Lord and for him and happily because that's how hewould do it" I really liked that. Anyway now I'll be done. Love youBrit