Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 11 to Savanna

Ugggg...I did it again. This time I ac cidentally erased everything while trying to be smart and save it! Well...I'll try to start over buti t's going to be shorter. The most important things

College: being roommates at college will be way different and that doens't mean easy because roommates still have issues sometime sbut different and i think good and fun and we'd learn a lot about each other now that we'll kind of be in the same stage of life, strange. We'll see what happens later though. Also, like I said before lots of people lived at Campus Plaza that went to different schools or just worked etc. so it doesn't really matter. It's BYU approved housing which means students attending BYU can live there (we'reo nl allowed to live in approved housing because of the honor code) but anyone else that wants to can also live there and they do.

As far as patriarchal blessings go...mine tells me something that I interpreted in part to mean i shouldn't serve a mission. It was something I de bated about when trying to decide to come and it's amazing that after I realized I needed to come and then did I learned very quickly how serving a mission actually helps me to do the very thing my patriarchal blessing says to do that I thought wouldn't happen if i came. Kind of ambiguous but maybe you understand. Sometimes we just have to move forward. It also tells me kind of what I should study...but it's not specific so I wouldn't expect that, who knows though eh?
Here it is already summer. They're school is about to start and the hot season will be over, but I think it will still be hot here no matter what season it is. It's funny you are all just getting out of school andt hey are all just starting.

WE did a service project cleaning up trash! Super trashy in Ogden is probably nothing compared to here but I'm glad you're doing service and that people like to try to be clean there :) I enjo clean :) haha.

I do love babies...but I'm not allowed to hold them etc. here. It's against the mission rules. They have lots of babies here also, i think it's baby breeding season everyone seems to be pregnanat. They all have very large families here, though. For Mother's day one of the men in the ward said to us "Happy Mothers day...soon :)" and grinned really big...I looked at hima nd said "ha, a couple years or more still, that's not soon!"

It's too bad Becky is having a hard time in life, I have a lot of friends who have struggled witht heir lives and families and i've seen how they can be happy within a hard situation or they cannot, some of them including Amanda, Carin, David, Kathy, anyway etc.

Okay so I'm going to finish here...this keyboard is driving me batty the keys are all sticking really bad so it's hard to type, especially to type fast...I love typing! Hehe. Goodl uck with everything and all of your decisions.