Thursday, December 11, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Life is very hectic for our family right now. I could not be more excited because for Christmas I get exactly what I want! My family will join me in Idaho the day after Christmas! I have missed them hugely for the last 3.5 months! It will be good to be a family again. And then, come August, we will have our sweet Britney back too. Of course, until then, we are more than thankful to be able to share her with the people of the Philippines. We know that both she and they are blessed for it.

We truly hope that our family and friends have an amazing and spiritual Christmas season this year. Please pray for Britney, her companion and those that she teaches.

God bless you,

The Landrum Family

Email December 8th, 2008

Hello, so we guessed wrong :) companion is Tongan but from Hawaii and I love the way that I've learned to be relaxed in my life because of all these different cultures. We work hard still, I mean for the few days that I've been with her, but I don't feel the tension that was there with two American's (not meaning it was bad at all just tense sometimes because we were stressed about work) and the stress and worry I brought when it was just me at the beginning still being very American/ just Me. I may still be a stress case but I'm pretty sure I'm relaxed now a lot, go with the flow culture. I love that our mission has so many Tongan's and it wouldn't be the same without them at all. Her name is Sister Pasi and she turned 25 in October. My district leader and an Elder in the other district in our zone are Tongan also so today when our entire zone got together it was quite the mix of English, Tagalog and Tongan -- nobody would have understood what was going on if they just showed up. At transfers I got the package with the garments and other things, thanks. I'm not sure if it's a lot more expensive to use a box but sending the yellow envelopes is maybe not as safe, they keep getting ripped and they come to me in new plastic from the post office and tape and all of that, I think the little boxes for sending things arrive safer. I did get the star ring and now a necklace :) As for the American from Rupert(?) Well her name is Sister Wilson, if it's the same one, and she goes home the same time my last companion does, in May. Today at interviews President asked me which ward I would be in, probably knowing I could end up there where his friend/sister? is...but I still didn't know. That's pretty funny, small world I live in, I tend to know everybody or be connected in some way. Well, it's good to hear that Casey and her baby are safe...I can't imagine just having a baby and -- well it just seems wrong and now how I would picture having a baby but I hope she's happy and knows how much God loves her. I've had companions who teach about families and about the ten commandments and honoring parents etc. and they seem to focus on that and I know it's important and I could use a lesson in it or could have even more back in the day, haha... but I find myself teaching parents about how their children are God's children and they are their "Kayamanan" or wealth in this world and should help them learn the things of God which is what will truly help their futures more than anything. God teaches us the way we should honor each other as a family and as people and as his children, respect comes from giving respect and love first and that is a place where learning can occur and we are taught by the spirit and grow together understanding one another and being edified daily...I've had this conversation with some of the other missionaries about questions they have or I have or just discussions about parenting, and I really like what Elder Oaks said to the people in the Philippines in their district conference broadcast, that as parents you are missionaries and your children are your investigators so to one question an Elder brought up and said, "well what do you do when your investigators right now act that way or do that...maybe that's what you can adapt to be what you do with your children?" I saw Sister Mabalot for the last time before she goes home, it was kind of a sad parting but I really hope to see her again some time in this life. They go home in January, her and Sister Victorino! It was weird because Sister Thompson and I were talking about that and then we said, “oh and Elder Iongi next” he was my first zone leader and is now AP and the next transfer my current zone leader and our other AP and a lot of people actually…they go home then it’s Sister Thompson then my other Zone leader who was just transferred and then me! What! That’s so crazy. I’ve spent half of my time in the Philippines now. Sixteen months her and eight are over, eight left. I sure can split my mission in half in a lot of different ways, haha. I got a wedding invitation from Andrea’s little sister. I also got a letter from Amanda and she has some news about a certain current boyfriend, but it wasn’t very detailed at all so I really have no idea. She’s about to graduate though and life will be so strange, all my best friends form high school and junior high are done with school and married and things like that. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like anymore if I hadn’t served a mission. It was so much not a part of my plans for my life and yet it was clearly exactly what I needed to do in my life. I can’t imagine returning to where I was, back to my apartment and to school and my job and people that I was with before even who are still there at he same apartment and jobs…because I feel so different and I don’t think I can place myself back in it properly, like I don’t fit anymore but I don’t know where I fit. I can only imagine life here at the moment and like it will continue on like this forever or something. As far as the testimony meeting thing goes, I wish everyone would read Elder Oaks talk about bearing testimony and the recent talk by – I don’t remember maybe even Oaks again, about sacrament meeting. If everyone read those and internalized in and decided to live by it going to church would be a lot more sacred, less awkward and a good place for investigators! I guess that’s a lot of why I wasn’t so into the idea of being a missionary that spoke, it just seemed weird, I don’t want any focus to be about me in such an important meeting where people already have a hard time remembering the part that is important. In one of my wards here the person conducting would always get up and say “Welcome now to the most sacred part of our church service, the sacrament, please observe reverence.” I heard that over and over again every week and I don’t know how much anyone else heard it but I thought about it even more because of that. It sounds pretty appropriate to be celebrating my birthday by moving – I’ll be celebrating by tracting, it’s a just a regular Tuesday, no meetings or anything. It sure has been the season for new apostles. They were all the same for so long and now it’s just time for all of them to be done and we’ve nearly lost the bottom six and started over within the last couple of years, strange. I appreciate getting closer to the leaders than I was before and hearing their words and learning from their lives. Sister Thompson and I were talking about Sabbath day observance which I think I wrote about in my last hand written letter, but I was thinking that right now is really the time in my life and all others like me (meaning not married etc.) to decide what will be important to you and how you will live your life. If you don’t decide certain things then there is a good chance you will marry someone who won’t make the same decision you might later and then it might not happen, it will be hard to change. Of course, we all need to make changes our entire life and if married you have to start making them together to stay equalized but I think there are certain things you need to have decided if they are important enough to you and start living them first or you might just be influenced back into another way. I was thinking about this because of my own Sunday activities throughout my life. They changed a lot between my first year of college and my next then before my mission. I can see how if I don’t decide to have that set and be a habit for me and truly how I live that I could be influenced by whomever I marry to change it again to maybe a lower standard, and we aren’t meant to lower our standards for anything, and not any kind of standard. There are a lot of things I expect and probably idealize (and realize it’s idealized) about my life but I know that if I don’t first learn to live it then I can never expect it out of anyone else or of myself for later in my life and so now is truly the time to decide and the better off my entire life will be. I wonder if I will be “too picky” as mom calls it, who knows I don’t know what will happen but sometimes I worry about getting trapped in something that I would be unhappy with or that it’s easer to just fix things on your own and be who you should be but I realize that’s not really the plan and it doesn’t work that way, you can’t save yourself in the end, you have to give it all to Christ who already did the hard part, suffer with him but sacrificing all you have now and drag others along with you and push them sometimes and sometimes maybe they’ll drag and push you but if nobody is doing that and you don’t walk in together – well nobody will walk in. Now is the time to be one, if we are not one we are not his because he suffered just the same for all of us and we are meant to build upon that, forgive one another because we have been forgiven – have you read Elder Holland’s talk in the December Ensign or New Era – he talks about the great sacrifice of forgiveness and I’d never thought of forgiving in that way, it is us doing what Christ did and bearing their sin through our forgiveness to him. That statement makes more sense if you just read the way he said and explain it but anyway it was a really good talk.Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling now and my time is probably almost up so I will end here. Hope the month of December is going just great for everybody, one week in now. Maybe tell me the new address so I can start sending letters there and they don’t miss you? I don’t really know what to do about that and am not sure how long my letters always talk to get there. I will also need all of our new stake and ward information for the mission. I’ll be getting my “trunky letter” in January I think and they will ask of my address or stake president changed so I’ll need to give them the new information. Oh yeah, did you sell the house you currently live in. I guess I really just don’t know what’s going on with all of that but that’s okay because I can’t do much about it, haha…and did you ever buy another car? Does Savanna know what she’s going to do with school now, graduating, working now, which college? I still say she goes to Provo, art program at BYU, yeah! That’s the safest place to study art, that’s all I have to say about that. And, where there’s a will there is a way! We could even take a dance class together or something, yeah. Of course, I’m all old and out of shape and not flexible now, hopefully that doesn’t last once I return to normal life with clean floors to stretch on and a good place to run or something but I don’t really know that I’ll do much more with dance in my life, maybe that time is beyond me – anyway now that more rambling has been accomplished in my email I wish you all a great Christmas month and will talk with you again next week (over email that is) Love from the Philippines form the Island of Mindoro (or Kingdom of Mindoro, haha).Britney (aka Sister Landrum for now)

Email December 1st, 2008

Hello to my family on the first day of December 2008. My birthday is in 29 days now and I will be 22 – that’s kind of old…especially when I consider that I will quickly be 23 after I come home to real life and continue on with wherever my life takes me. Today we found out about transfers again and I’m following Elder Winn’s theme these days – since his first companion he’s only been with any of them for six weeks and Sister Thompson is being transferred so my last companion was six weeks and so is this one. In some ways (meaning only in learning Tagalog) I guess it’s better but it makes time seem to go by even faster when we’re always going to transfers and getting new companions and new areas etc. One of my companions also went home today and next month two more will go home, crazy. Sister Mabalot was still really new to the mission when she trained me and now she’s going home! This week will be busy again with travel and I’ll have news about who my companion is on Monday. This week was productive, however. We didn’t have anything significant in the way of our teaching and so we got around to a lot of our areas and we ended up with a lot of people committing to baptism which was really exciting. As for the “family” mom keeps asking about there wasn’t one particular just that week we taught a bunch of full families and it was odd to me because I’d never taught a full family before. There is one family we continue to teach. They are catholic and active for the most part and we taught them the word of wisdom last time. It was funny because when we asked what they had problems with the mother pointed to her husband and said alcohol then he said coffee for his daughter and their children pointed to mom and said cigarettes and then they all pointed to their younger son and said “DRUGS” which was a joke, entirely…but it was funny because they were all pointing out each others vices. We committed them to make goals to stop and gave them a lesson about the power of Christ in our lives. We’ll see what happens with them. There is another woman we are teaching and some of her older and younger daughters. Classified her as older and younger because she’s about 38 I think and her oldest daughter who has daughters and a husband is 22 I think and then her youngest daughter is the same age as her daughters daughter…that is rather frequent here however. She came to church with her children and their neighbor who is 22. She said she used to have a very hard time remembering anything from the bible that she studied but she used to be catholic and then she was iglesia ni cristo but she doesn’t like any of them and disliked the gossip and attitudes etc. and she’s been praying to find the truth and one day she said “I’ve been remembering things better and I think you are the answer to my prayers.” There are two girls that are cousins and the first time we taught I asked the one what she felt about Joseph Smith’s story and she said “I’m just happy he has found the true church!” In our later visits we asked if they had prayed and read to know if it was true and they both very simply said that it was true and we taught about baptism and they both agreed to prepare for baptism…neither of them have come to church yet because it came so fast so the baptism is far in the future but it’s amazing how some people progress to that point so quickly and seek and find an answer immediately, they truly have the gift of the spirit to believe the truth that is within the testimony of others.As for money – I could attempt getting pearls if that’s really what you want but the couples that used to buy them went home this weekend, their mission is over. Sister Victorino might be able to for me once she goes home she said so I’ll see, andI had this one other thing I planned to try to get just for the family. As for me using my pearls, I just have them kept away because I wouldn’t wear them here. The problem is – it’s still really hard for me to get cash meaning impossible actually because the ATM doesn’t work and these are all things that require cash and I’m in an area where I can’t use my card frequently to buy my food like before and that way was kind of hard anyway and I don’t think always worked out evenly. If you could accomplish sending me even ten dollars at a time in cash in letters I don’t think anything would happen to it or in a package you could send some cash then that would help me pay for some of those things and I don’t know that I’ll be using my card that much more for a while – and it is good to have non mold shoes and hopefully they stay that way. My scripture cases and covers also have mold but I’m just getting new covers for them, sigh! Haha…all is well besides that. As for you not coming when I come home, that seems best to me for now also but I still think coming back in the summer will be hard and if we came back at all it would be best and most meaningful six months after I come home over Christmas break – but I won’t plan for anything at all at this point and that’s always best because we have no idea what will happen. I get the feeling all my money and any you want to help me with when I very first get home will go to school. All I would need help with at first was paying for an apartment before I started getting paid at whatever job I find and then I’ll start up full time classes once I have enough money or a good job but I’ll need an apartment and maybe will take one or two classes – like a religion class and a tagalong class. I still don’t know and have a few months before I need to be more serious about it though so that’s all for now.I did finally send a letter and so hopefully that will get to you and I did get one hand written letter from dad a little while ago and if I have more mail I will get it again on Friday because we go to transfer, hooray! I’m running out of time now and can’t remember everything I’ve written about or need to, email is kind of crazy like that sometimes. Thanks for all the letters and good luck with the travel. I bet I travel as much as dad does in a week because our area is so far and when we go to email, to shop, to district meeting, then to zone interviews, to transfers it’s a good couple of hours or more in vans, tricycles and on a boat! Haha – I love you all bye! Sister Landrum

Email November 24th, 2008's probably better Dad couldn't email me, hearing about the loss from mom was a little bit easier to take. The pressure thing, it must have really gotten to them :( it was a Utah home game and that's always hard, and they were undefeated and so I guess it was our year to lose but hopefully it will pick up again once I get there, haha. Anyway, my companion told me to "lock my heart" from BYU football, hehe...she was just joking.As for my bank account, I have about $90.00 in there...the sad mold story meant I really needed to buy myself some shoes. The mold attacked my shoes and I attempted cleaning them really well and it just got worse so I bought myself some new shoes, nice ones for conferences and church and plastic ones for rain, and hopefully the nice ones will be good for when I come home too so I won't feel so bad about spending that much money. We also were in Lipa (the city) for zone conference so we bought ourselves some chips and salsa and found real cheese and things like that for our own little thanksgiving smash on Thursday...since nobody else cares that it's a holiday (at least my companion is American for the holiday's haha). As for your letter, that you still don't have...I've had real issues sending it. Pola has its own time system and I can't seem to catch the post office man in his office, ever! It's not like I can just sit around there either so we just keep trying different times of days, today a letter will get sent if I do have to sit there, though...beacuse it's p-day so I'll find a way. Also, I got the letter with the dried leaves and some of the filipino elders really enjoyed smelling them, something I didn't even think to do at all...haha. I say you stay frumpy and in sweats (it fits the Idaho scene, hehe, just kidding) and give me all of your cute clothes so I don't have to try to shop at all the rest of my life. Also, you still have a nine year old so you won't be free of girls for a really long time. Does Savanna know if she can graduate yet? Tell her I think she needs to try going to BYU. I say it's worth taking classes she likes such as art if you're going to be at school even if it's not your focus, like my dance classes. Don't worry, I feel pretty bad I don't have any pictures of our great costumes from the musicals is different when you have a digital camera, I became the picture taking queen in college and before that it was just a bother plus my face always looks gross and then I get depressed when I have to look at the pictures, haha. Our people choosing names or being given names again for Christmas? I was just wondering if I would be a part of it or just discounted now that I'm on a mission and far away. Maybe I should just be left out actually, haha. I got a letter from Jenny the other day and I'm going to try to create some kind of Christmas card to send everyone but I can't make any big promises because my time on Monday goes by really fast here since it takes so long to get here and back from the email place. As for's only a branch here and we teach all three hours because nobody else is there to do it sometimes, or nobody else make a plan for doing it and so we've been going around trying to get people to Church -- but you have to balance finding new strong members and helping the ones who are already there so that's what we do. We did laundry with the second councelor in the branch presidency. His wife is the relief society president but she is on vacatio nand doens't know when she can come back yet because they don't have money to come back. She's staying with their son in a different area of the Philippines and he has stopped coming to church, it was before she left however. So, we went down to this stream place where he washes clothes and spent all morning washing clothes with him, and the next day he came to church. He only stayed for one hour but he that's progress. It is really hard for people to get to church sometimes, our meeting house right now is kind of far away from a lot of the areas in our area and from the main city so they have to walk. It's possible but the rain keeps a lot away and sometimes a lack of desire to walk in general. We did however have ten investigators come to church on Sunday and were pretty excited about it because that is a lot compared to the normal 1-3 hopefully. It doesn't feel like it's November or almost December or close to my birthday or holidays or anything here -- which is maybe a blessing. I don't remember if I told you but Sister Ganir (they are couples in the mission) said she wants the sisters to stay at her house in Lipa after zone conference in December, which is the 24th of December, and then we will spend Christmas eve baking cookies, becuase she has an oven and can buy the stuff for it and she might get permission to watch a Christmas movie also and then we would maybe call you the next morning whcih would be your Christmas eve..but we still don't have that worked out. Christmas zone conference is also just a party...we even do a gift exchange. If Sister Thompson is still my companion next transfer I hear her mother sent her companion presents, bonus for me, hehe! So, I think that's about all from me for this week. It was another week ofl ots of travel. In fact, after zone conference we missed the early boat and were on the slow boat out on the ocean until about ten at night (way past curfew but it wasn't our fault and were with our entire zone) and the ocean is kind of dark and scary at night but it was really cool to look at the stars from the deck because usually you can't see many stars here. Then the Elder's had to drive us home so we drove all in their truck for another two hours and poor them had to drive home. We went to bed after midnight and I realized how much of a not night person I have might come back to me or be forced to at times but I just like going to bed now. Anyway, that's all for now. Bye, Love from me Britney

Email November 17th, 2008

Hello to all of you. I've been trying to copy some of the pictures that you've all been giving me to print some of them for myself but that took up a lot of my time, sorry. This week was full of travel and this upcoming week, meaning tomorrow I guess, we travel more! Zone conference when you're on the island is a three day adventure of sorts and going to Manila was quite the adventure. We were in the bus all day long in terrible Manila traffic and a rain storm, but we got to watch the Testaments and we got to go to the temple. It was amazing. I think I wrote about all of this in the letter I was writing while not sick on the bus so I guess I apologize for the repeat. Sometimes it's hard to think of what exactly to write or how to write it even though a lot happens. We talked with the husband of a member, whose family is also members, but he is a born again preacher. He wants to understand the Book of Mormon, he wants to know if he can be a member without believing in the Book...because he feels it contradicts the bible, he is a firm believer in the bible and his big hang up is on the fact that it says "God is spirit." You can tell he really just wants to know, but he's very hung up on intellectual things and so it's hard for him and we were late getting home so the conversation stopped, we actually only talked with him at all beacuse we were dropping by their house to get my shoes which they had graciously glued back together for me, haha! Anyway, tomorrow we go to zone conference again, but it's actually Wedenesday. We saw the hugest spider that either of us have ever seen and it's probably still wandering around in our closet because it hid from us in the room with no light and it was night so we missed killing it. As for monkey's...I really never see them, only a couple of times and it happens to be that one of the times he decided to pull my hair. The children here don't seem to play with bugs as much, or I just don't see it because they are in school now and in my first area they were on summer break. It also depends if that kind of bug is in this area. They do spider fights also though, they catch these spiders and keep them in little containers and will get them out on a stick and try to make them fight and let them crawl all around on their hands and things. We made a record possible on Sunday...I played the piano, we both spoke for sacrament meeting, we taught the lesson in Sunday school and then we helped to singing time and a sharing time story in primary -- the difficult thing here right now is a lack of people fulfilling their callings an thus we fulfill them for them. It's winter of sorts here also meaning it rains for than other times in the year (so they say) and it's been raining almost every Sunday so a lot of people don't come to church. We'll just keep trying to get them to church, to stay once them come for all the meetings...and read their scriptures other days :) We've both been talking about how our missions have helped us want to magnify all our callings because we see how hard it is for others who make up the difference if you don't, or when nobody is there at all to do it and the church prog rams suffer and the edifying of the poeple suffers and we become disunified and disconnected and fall away from important truths that were once in our lives. Well, I'm about out of time so I guess I'll end there. I'm excited to go to Zone conference and maybe get more mail and to try to send off my letters to you -- they'll come I promise! Love Sister Landrum

Email November 10th, 2008

I don't understand Garyn's question...why did I choose to be obedient? When? I can give you a missionary answer? Mosiah 2:22/41 and Haring Benjamin or King Benjamin that is explains that God gives us everything even our lives and all he requires of us is that we are obedient...the blessings are great too, the happy state of the obedient in this life of troubles, temporal and spiritual blessings and a promise of life in a state of never ending happiness after this life. As for Elder Holland's answer, obedience is not only the first law of heaven, it is the first law of EVERYTHING. Now, if we had not chosen to be obedient to the plan of God in heaven none of us would be here, now we just have to keep choosing obedience. From my lesson on Sunday in church, it was about faith and they there is no faith where there is no obedience "walang pananampalataya kung walang pagsunod." AS for my personal words on the matter, I sure am not always obedient nor strictly obedient as the two thousands stripling warriors but I've never in my life had a desire to be rebellious, too much...and I like the safety in obedience. My patriarchal blessing also advises me to develop my obedience and that in so doing it will be a blessing to my younger sisters.As for letters from my and not emails, life is a bit far away in my new area so I'm sorry that you might be waiting for your next letter and it sounds like you've gotten all the ones that I've finished sending. WE are also having a couple days of craziness because we all have to travel to Manila and have our fingerprints taken for our passports and it's causing mayhem so I apologize that hand written letters are in scarcity right now. I was able to print pictures today though so hopefully some of them work out nicely and I will send them also. The funny thing about your thinking look really fresh and such is that we really are sweaty and gross and my face breaks out like crazy and stuff but that's just life and pictures seem to capture a better side often, maybe it's because everything around me is so beautiful.I'm not sure which elementary school it is you're seeing, Dad, but we live right below an elementary school in a home that used to be a doctors office. Sister Anderson really doesn't like it, Elder Homer (one of the AP's right now) told us that she really feels bad for us, haha...we are surviving quite nicely however. Pola is extremely remote, but it might get a little busier in the summer time because they do have a beach's not an extra fancy beach either though and it is hard to get here so I don't really know. We were a little afraid for our work because the area is large but the main area where we should work and easily can is kind of small...and people from far away parts of the area never go to church so they dropped all those areas and have been focusing here. We spent all week finding, however, and I have never taught more families in whole before in my whole was amazing. It's really different to teach when there are children and a mother and father and all are listening and participating to some degree even if that means the teenager is secretly texting until her father takes it away (it made life seem really real again or something) I've really never taught full families before like this and so that was a fun experience for us this week, we were really surprised. People are also really kind about our Tagalog handicap and try to help us out, I just hope they are understanding the message, especially the vital parts of it, well enough. I've recently been praying for more of our extended family also and I really hope that they are reading the Book of Mormon or will find a way to do it again because I am teaching people every day that their salvation depends upon it. I have a scripture chase I created as I was reading through and would underline in purple all of the traits or qualities of God, verses that were more specifically about Father in Heaven that is because there are many that refer to Christ or to them as one...and in the Book or Mormon you learn many of His traits, you learn the importance of belief in Him and his great power and knowledge and love and long-suffering and all those traits we are meant to require here in order to become like mission president pointed out that if we plan to create a word don't you think that takes knowledge and patience if we plan to be parents of many it surely requires love and long-suffering and if we are all powerful you must have humility to check it etc. anyway I really like Mosiah 4:9 also "Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend..."Well, I think I'm running out of time again and I'm going to email Savanna so thanks for the emails and good luck with everything, love from me. Sister Landrum

Now I'm going to add to this letter because I realized I had a lot I still needed to address. I did get the shirt and it is a bit not missionary but it's cute...maybe I'll find a good occasion that I feel comfortable wearing it and if I never do it's not a waste because I'll wear it when I come home, haha. Thanks. As for coming to the Philippines, I never talked about that last week I realized. In some ways I think it would be good, just come home, see everyone at the airport, it would take away some of the stress there at the end of hwere to go and who I want to see again and where you'll be etc. but the down side is you wouldn't get to meet Sister victorino, Sister Abad, Sister Hill or my mission president...also I would probably not want to come back in another year if we did because I have no idea what I'll be doing at that point, if you didn't come now I would say plan for Christmas break only a couple of months after I come home and then it's still not too long after I've left my areas and things like that and there is less prediction happening about where I'll be job wise etc. I also keep hearing some strange rumor about how the missionaries from the philippines are all going to be invited back and even helped to go back to the philippines in 2011 because that is the mission here in the philippines 50 year anniversary and so maybe I'd be coming back or trying to then. Anyway...just tell me what you have continued to think about it. It's kind of sad because I never bought one of the cool bags in my last area but maybe I can have someone buy one for me I just won't get to choose and it's more about the people anyway and not the cool bags that they make, right? I think there were other things I also forgot to address but this is all I'm remembering for now so I'll close once again and leave you with this for the week. My week is all travel and the next week is more travel because of zone conference so these shoudl be a couple of interesting weeks -- anyway take care (ingat poh kayo lagi Doon sa malayo!!!) Sister Landrum