Sunday, June 1, 2008

April 27 to Savanna

Hi, so I sent a letter that will probably be the next to arrive which is addressed in large part to you, haha. I informed you throughout the entire thing what your plans for the next couple of years should be, but a patriarchal blessing might be a good source to add to my fabulous payo (or advice that would be) :) haha. I can't believe you haven't gotten it yet, silly girl. I guess maybe I was fifteen or maybe sixteen even, I just felt like I was older. I think it was my first year of high school for sure, actually...the very beginning of it so I was only fifteen.

It's true, I'm not a big fan of all the soda they drink here, but I'll survive for sure. Well, nothing is really for sure but I don't think it will be that, that kills me if I do die :) Maybe baptisms are frequent, a lot of children are being baptized lately is partly why. We currently have most of our progressing investigators working toward baptism which means we really need new investigators. Finding them is definitely the hard part.
Also, if it wasn't the first letter it must be the same one that addresses what you should do in your life that talks about the temple. I'm glad it seems you all go more than I ever did, I talked about that in the letter also. All my news really does come to you in an odd fashion because the emails will get there sooner always and then similar or different news in a different order comes with the hand written letters...just try to sort it out why don't you?

The closest temple is the Manila temple, which for now is the only operating one in the Philippines, they have another about to be opened. I think it takes about four hours to get there from where I am...but I'll never get to go during my mission, only Manila missionaries.

My ACT score was 22...I think. Not so fabulous but it never improved. My reading score was really high but my math was about 17 also I think.
My companion is fine, she's pretty good at English so that helps/probably doesn't help with learning Tagalog...we speak in an interesting taglish language most of the time.

Interesting people? I guess everyone is interesting in their own way. I'm going to write in a little more detail about our days and stuff in my other emails and letters so read those also and maybe in a future time I will have better things to say to you individually, haha. Well good luck with that picture of the Philippines, make sure you buy lots of green paint for it :) Maybe you could draw a rainstorm at the ocean...the rain comes down HARD here and then the streets are all flooded and's fabulous to try to walk through. Okay well that's all for now I'm going to read the rest of my emails and respond to them.