Sunday, June 22, 2008

Typhoon Fengshen

Today we learned that a terrible Typhoon has hit the Philippines and has caused widespread flooding in the Philippines including the general area that Britney is serving. It for sure flooded the Province she was 1st serving in but she was transfered last Thursday and we have yet to hear where she is now.

We have not heard anything from her mission so we assume no news is good news. We may not hear from her for days due to the power problems and basic life interruptions that this type of devestation can cause. We anxiously wait and pray. We appreciate your prayers on her behalf and for the people of the Philippines.

Some of you have posted comments which I appreciate. However, you should know that Britney is a strict missionary and follows the rules entirely because she desires any blessings she can receive to help her learn the language. Therefore, she does not view anything online including taking a "peek" at her blog. We post her emails for your ability to stay in touch with how things are going for her.
I do hope to have this site serve as a type of journal so any comments posted are very appreciated and will make Brit's viewing of the site that much more enjoyable when she returns. So, we encourage you to post.

We will post further information as soon as we have any.
The Landrum Family