Sunday, June 1, 2008

April 7th email

Okay! Here we are again. The keyboards aren't quite so fancy as the one I had for my typing job was so as I re-read my e mail to you I realized my typo'sare frequent...sorry about that but you probably deciphered it anyway. Right when we arrived they took pictures of us with them that they said they would be sending to our families...maybe they just haven't yet or maybe they have the wrong information which I guess would be my fault since I filled anything out that they would have about you. We actually haven't watched conference yet...and I'm anxious about it :)

I don't think we'll end up getting to see all of it but about two hours away from my area is a broadcast next Sunday so for sure Sunday we'll be going and it sounds like we won't be going Saturday so I don't know for sure what they'll show me, I guess I'll take what I can get. We also can't go onto only the email website is allowed and only for an hour a week so there really wouldn't be time to read them all. I think Iwill eventually be given the ensign with them in it, though. Conference really became one of my favorite things, I'm SO excited for it and sad about missing parts if we do but I'll get over it. The plane ride was long...and full of Asian food. I slept and slept so I didn't really experience jet lag once we got here because I'd slept for nearly a day and a half straight with breaks to eat noodles and rice with little cracker things and juice.

There were people going to Taiwan on our planes most of the time so we couldn't communicate with them :) The mission home is nice, of course. They told us to enjoy our last real shower there... and in the bedrooms they have air conditioning. IT was still hot, hot, hot. I guess I skipped a step. WE got off the plan in Manila and all dragged our suitcases around looking for whoever we were supposed to meet. Then they shipped us off with a driver, leaving directions and they gave me some Filipino money becauseI didn't have cash at all since the ATM doesn't work with my card these days. After the crazy car ride through Manila city in the heat...sweat rolling rolling rolling Elder Cheney demanded to stop for water. He had stopped sweating and decided that was a bad sign for him. So the driving is crazy because they all just go wherever, fasts sometimes but cutting each other off, driving really close...not really any road rage though. They said the two rules are "fill in the blanks and first come first served." Sometimes they'll switch into the oncoming traffic lane to get ahead of someone and switch back just in time to not run into the incoming traffic. I just don't watch anymore :) So, we stop to get water, then make it to our bus that we will take to San Pablo and right in front of a bus about to leave Elder Cheney throws up all over! He almost got run over, they moved him as he was throwing up to avoid that. It was kind of a dramatic moment...but he wiped his face off and started grinning again like always, haha...I hope he's still smiling now that we're faced with all these new challenges. I'm sure his optimistic spirit is part ofw hat will make him be a great missionary for this area, able to get through the trials :) The bus ride was long but I slept again...and President Mortimer is a kind jolly person. They are winding up with their time here. They are comfortable where they are and with the everyday goings of life but also getting ready to return home. Sister Mortimer is an older happy lady and she gave us a rag to wipe our faces with of any color we chose and calcium pills. We must take four a day and centrum. As for eating...I bought fruit...we make oatmeal and rice sometimes and Sister Ludy has been a member for 11 years but her family isn't yet. She is our special friend. She helps me learn, goes to lessons with us and makes us food. She made me eat her chicken but doesn't make me eat the fish which are cooked with the heads still on and don't look or smell appealing at all. In fact...nothing around smells good ever but I only notice it sometimes. (I actually somehow only have about two minutes left...) I think I have lost weight, however. I will try to send pictures. They might take a while to get there. We had another baptism, Elisabeth is a quiet 12 year old with a sweet spirit and I wish I could talk to her more but we communicate in smiles. Our pictures are all funny because the sun is in our eyes so we look angry haha... I played the piano for the branch Sunday, I'm glad my little bit of talent there can help when their single player is missing. Everyone is waiting for me! Sorry...I will try to write an actual letter today and send it that might have more details but mostly it's work work work and overcoming discouragement. I've only had a couple of crying fits which are frustrating because I wish I was strong and wouldn't ever cry but I do miss you and I miss my life there sometimes and I'm sad for what i can't do and what I must do and don't know how yet. I'll keep working on it, I love you bye. Britney