Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 5th email

Hi, so as far as political things go we are advised not to talk about it all...especially as Americans and not in emails or letters that others could come across and get the wrong idea from. I don't really hear much or know much about it at all. Sometimes i hear little things, especially from Sister Mabalot because she's interested in government. She wants to be a lawyer and her father is a police man...but they live in the northern Philippines while what you are talking about is on the other end so I still just don't know. I haven't noticed any specific difference between people older or younger...or anyone who is really anti America (Anti us teaching them, yes...) but anti me not so much. Very interested in me they all seem to be. When they hear me speaking Tagalog to Sis Mabalot as we walk along the street they will say "May Tagalog?" In suprise... which means something like, there is tagalog, she knows tagalog etc. Anyway...I did just talk to you all about a second ago and it seems you still haven't responded to me. I'm going to read the rest of my emails now and then maybe type my journal entry that i tried to send before when it disconnected me.
Love from me