Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 12th 2008

Hey, this is just really quick because according to this letter Savanna was still going to send me something which means she might still be working on it or gave up on it because I do not yet have a letter from her. As for me here... no snow but it's already Christmas. This referring to your last question about Halloween. They don't seem to have that holiday like we celebrate it but there is a "day of the dead" kind of day where people go and sleep out at the cemetery and pray for their dead. Then there isn't a Thanksgiving either meaning it's Christmas season now here... they have decorations already and we sing and hear Christmas songs all the time. Yup, yup, very different. I haven't gotten any letters from Garyn yet. Maybe I will soon. Okay, well, I'm going to send this really quick in case you're still all on right now.

(then, we received another email from her)

So, we had a super busy week of travel and then they had a zone activity with the assistants today for p-day so I've had hardly a moment to think about or de-jumble any of it. We have another transfer coming up and that happened super fast... and we have no idea if i'll be transferred now or not so I guess we'll just find out next Monday what my fate is. Snow! Haha, sounds kind of like last year because I have pictures at a football game early in the season where it snowed like crazy on us -- oh the diligent fans who stayed to the end :) And the crazy pre-mish freshman who took their shirts off and turned red and then had to leave so they wouldn't get sick, haha. Wow, wow... that's so exciting that they are doing so well it's going to be an absolute nail biter I'm sure the last two years of Utah BYU games were ridiculously close. AS far as work goes I don't have a lot to report because we were so busy with other things. We've been working on really using the Book of Mormon earlier and better in each principle we teach and our study sessions have been so uplifting just as we search for them and consider how each verse might improve our teaching and the lives of our investigators. We tried it out this week in some of our tracting lessons and it worked so beautifully, ha! At zone conference we performed our fancy version of Praise to the Man and everyone thought it was really great. I was thinking about how we really did work hard at it but I'm not an amazing pianist despite trying to make it a little fancy and they're not professional singers by any means. However, we were singing about truths of the gospel and missionaries are promised that as they share messages of truth the spirit will make it stronger. It was a strong performance. Then came conference, the general one :) The tabernacle choir makes me home sick-ish, haha, and I noticed in all of the talks, most particularly of the twelve and first presidency that they were like missionaries, they would testify of the last to speak then start, they would leave commitments of sorts at the end, they share testimony of what they teach (missionaries). Their messages definitely focused on holding onto hope, gaining hope, being hopeful and cheerful in a world of despair. I was thinking that without these things and the great fulfillment that is brought to my life by just listening and contemplating their words, my life would be rather empty. And, I wondered how other people survive and how they can hear those things even and not see how important it all is. Elder Bringhurst mentioned that for us we are so used to the spirit in some ways we forget that others don't have it as a promise to be with them always, constantly teaching them and bringing those things to them and making them clear. Then I also considered how I do have it all and yet much of what they talk about I struggle with and am not perfect in following, and yet, I know that if I would just do it and let go of my sins and not give into my weaknesses that I would behappier. I know it and I still fail. Maybe that means my knowledge is not yet perfect but that's why we develop faith first and our faith brings us knowledge bit by bit until the day that we can be perfect. By the way, according to my time it's Dad's birthday so happy birthday again! I'm glad to hear the card got to you before your birthday...which for you is tomorrow still but maybe that's when you'll read this anyway. Okay, well I'm going to finish off here and not forget to give mom my small list that I have come up with so far so I'll do it now because I almost just forgot:

-Stephens hot chocolate (for christmas) and either the mint or raspberry...those
good flavors
-Another white undershirt (yes I know another one) xs fits me best
-Blue Red and black BIC pens and a notebook of normal paper for writing letters
-Crest blue paste toothpaste, they only have colgate here or filipino style and
I miss crest
-As slip to go under my skirts...I only have one and would like two

I cannot currently think of anything else, thanks!
I love you all and hope you are following all the counsel from conference.