Sunday, October 5, 2008

September 19th, 2008

Dad! Wow! I just can't believe it. Three straight years of amazing football at BYU! If we win against Utah I will probably just be out of my mind that I missed it! Haha. I never knew I'd become such a football fanatic. I still vividly remember you dragging me off to the big crowds where we'd search for ticket hackers and watch the game. I think I just liked to be with dad and tell my classmatesthat I went to the game. I didn't much appreciate football. I'm also fairly positive that's one of the few things I knew about BYU. That's how I knew BYU and from that wanted to attend that school and only that school. I feel so blessed to have attended a school where we pray before we study biology and we talk about how the founding fathers were inspired by God to help bring in the restoration of the gospel. I'm also very glad that my new companion likes to work hard and likes to study. When you're not equally yoked in trying to do both of those things, everything starts to fall apart, it gets a bit depressing. Elder Teh not only interviewed us but he sent us all letters. They were personal letters. He told me my heart is in the right place. How nice... I'm glad at least my heart is where it should be. It's amazing how distracting your own thoughts can be but as long as your heart is where it should be it makes it easier to control wandering thoughts. To football games and weddings and families that are moving to a placeYou have never seen before... all of that. I started a list of the places in the scriptures where it talks about learning line upon line, light for light etc. Knowledge being added upon itself or taken away as we live according to what we're given. As we're true to it or as we are not. It's an eternal concept that the scriptures frequently touch upon and I found in it such a great lesson about the mercy of God because He says that He will not give a higher law to those who can not yet live by it. For those who transgress a higher law will be accountable for it. If we truly want to become as God, know of His mysteries etc. we must become someone who can live by that greater knowledge. And, that takes proving it to God every day because each time we choose the dark the light is taken away from us. It is in fact taken away until a day when you have less than what you started with. We cannot stand still. We are always moving forward or moving backwards. I forgot that for a time in my life until I realized my complacency was taking me to a place I didn't recognize because I had less than I knew before. Don't go through the motions of life, live life! When that became my motto things got better and I learned to truly repent. To change every day. That's still a struggle and we'll all still go back and forth but Christ will make up for it if He is our path. I asked about the whole coming here thing. Transfers are the week of August 12. Meaning, that Monday is when I can leave and they said you could also come Sunday night. This means you'll have to figure out what day to leave your time to get here Sunday or Monday morning our time. Or, maybe you could come Friday? Also, what you have to do is buy two - two way tickets and one one-way ticket for me. Then the church will reimburse you. I don't know exactly how that part works, they just told me to tell the office Elders. At that point I can stay here until the flight home. That puts us late in August and I will probably want to head straight to Provo. My plan would be to find work immediately and I guess depending on Savanna I'll need you to rent us an apartment sometime in April. Hopefully, at campus plaza again. But, that could also change. Sister Hill and I might be roommates. I don't know. And, I'll maybe want to take just one class and work full-time so I can try to start school. School will start very soon after I get home so that's hectic. But, anyway, it's the plane tickets that we have to worry about now I can worry about getting ready to go to school and work and coming home in general in a couple more months. Good luck with the house buying and new job etc. and tell everyone I love them. Brit


Em said...

Crazy, already planning for the changes upon life when she returns when she has yet to settle completely into the ones she's in now. Thats life for you. Take it all like a trooper. :)