Sunday, October 5, 2008

September 12th, 2008 #2

Hi, so I just got another email. I don't know if it just didn’t show up before or if you jut sent it at the same time I sent mine. As for Brandon and Ivy I suppose I would like to write to them if you could get me an address. I would like to congratulate them and encourage them to continue forward. I'll be trying to write and finish you a letter in response to all of your letters and this email later. My time is up after having written my other letter. Good luck with the shoe collecting. It's too bad I can't see the final product (referring to the footloose play our family is in). Good luck with the house hunting. So, thanks for the mail. Sister Victorino says you are very diligent after she saw all the letters I got. I am glad you like the small pictures too. They aren’t just smaller but they are also cheaper. J teehee. And, they weigh less so they are easier to send and cheaper to send. All right the end now. Brit