Sunday, October 5, 2008

The long road back home

With the difficulties of the economy and the irresponsibilities of the lending industry and government, last year was catastrophically damaging to my business. As a family we were faced with a very difficult decision. After requesting and receiving a blessing and after much prayer an opportunity presented itself to us. I recognize in my heart that the Lord has protected and looked out for our family. I have chosen to take a very exciting position with a generous and stable company in Idaho. I know that if we simply stay faithful during our tribulations and do what we have power over, God desires to bless our lives and guide us in the paths He asks of us.
That path has led us to Burley Idaho where we got our start! We will greatly miss our family and friends in Utah but look forward to the opportunities that await us in our home town. We look forward to establishing a new home there for Britney to be well received come August 2009! We love and miss you sister Landrum!


Jen said...

I'm so happy for you guys and really excited that your that much closer to me and I will definately be visiting since the in-laws live there anyhows! Love you guys and hope all the very best for your new job and new Burley adventure! Say hi to my computer unsavy sister for me and tell her I love her! Thanks for coming to Gavin's baby blessing. It means alot to me to have all of my families love and support and to have my awesome brothers stand in to bless my sweet baby! Love you! JEN

Em said...

Its sad to see what the economy has done to us all, even within this family it has had effects more powerful than we normally talk about. Regardless, you have found a way to move on and while I was shocked and a sad to hear your family was returning to Idaho I think there is a lot of opportunity to form new bonds and find joy. I hope the path that leads you back to Burley will lead you to other good things. We love and will miss you, even from this distance. :)

what was i thinking?! said...


For this and for so many other reasons, you're a hero to me. So glad something has gone your way for a change. We'll be sad to see you go (and I'm sure it's hard to leave your little country paradise) but there are still many dreams to come true.

Your friend, Scott

JP Anderson said...

I'm going to miss being able to just drop in and visit with you guys. However, I'm also excited you're moving to Burley. That gives me more reason to visit and tag along with Chay. Can't wait to visit you there.