Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Email October 20th

Well, we really weren't expecting it to happen but I am being transferred! Ugggg, that's just how it works, things start picking up and you find this fabulous family you've been praying for your entire mission and you love your companion and you only get one transfer with them and no time to see the family progress haha! Neither of us were expecting it really and both cried right when we saw my name, so it's to Alaminos I go on Friday and who knows after that. I have very few options actually, I'll become the companion of Sister Hill's current companion in San Pablo or go to the island -- or something tricky might happen and I'll be in a threesome who knows where. It's kind of funny because all three American's in our district are being transferred out at the same time. As for BYU -- since Utah didn't lose it just means they have it coming at our game and we'll be tied, one loss and one loss but their loss will be worse becauseit will be against their rivals :) Who knows but I guess we all require humility even in football -- Elder Bringhurst will be very upset (one of the couples) and he watches all the games on the internet, haha. As for your visit here, what are you current and continous thoughts on it because we've had some fabulous revelation. Sister Victorino is from Manila so she said she could be your tour guide, you can pay for her transportation to Alaminos with you as payment for guiding maybe and she'll lead you to the mission home then we'll all go together back to our area here in Lucban and when finished take her back to Manila at the temple and fly out from there. If you get here Monday early Philippines time and we stayed only until Thursday or Friday that would probably work well, anyway tell me what you think. I'll have to work it out with her from a distance now because I'm being transferred, blah :( haha transfers are what life is all about I guess but clearly I'm taking this one hard, I like Lucban and my companion and the other sisters here and our investigators and I'll love all my new ones too, right? I'll miss the baptism coming up also but that's not the important part I suppose, it's that it happens and the retention after even if I never see any of them. As for Christmas cheer, there is plenty of it here, rainy, green style beause they have no other holidays in the way, christmas lights and jingle bells right now, wow. What is it Maddie had to say about me in her talk? They finished their primary program here, the best part was that the Bishop sat up on the stand still and the children were behind him, he lip sang or really sang all the songs with them while he sat there, it was great. I noticed something about Alma this week that I really appreciate. He's consistently telling the people that he hopes they do not think he knows the things he's teaching of himsef, then teaches them of his study, fasting and of the spirit which is how he knows all things and they can know it also. As teachers of the gospel we must consistently acknowledge how we know, all comes from God through His spirit and that is how others will know also. As for your sale and the selling of all my belongings, I bet you'd make a lot off of Carin's painting and all my journals, it's all art :) just kidding but when you first started listing items I thought you had seriously sold my things-- you really can't sell the computer it contains all my life information, hundreds of dollars of music and pictures and journals et. very important to me :) good luck with the moving, with the scrapbooking, with the house remodeling and the new job and the finishing school before break and I'll keep trying to learn Tagalog and tell you abut my new area next week. Love from me, Britney/Sister Landrum.

Wait, although there are many dogs they usually don't chase me but we have a great story about our ROUS's here, rodents of unusual size such as the mouse that ate all my shampoo! It ate a hole in our door then ruined all our bathroom supplies, but was never caught. So one day we came home for lunch and I opened the door only to scare a mouse or rat the size and fatness of a slightly grown up puppy! It was so huge and scared to death of my screaming. I sat there and yelled at it in Tagalog while Sister Victorino stood on the stairs away from it trying to think of what to do. Finally we heated up some water to throw on it but I told her just to get the neighboor to help us. Ferdinand came over and locked himself in the bathroom with a stick and killed it. We made him clean the blood with our hot water then we both cleaned it again a couple of times and still didn't want to use it. That night there was a nice large cockroach in our bedroom even though I sprayed after the rat experience -- so we sprayed it and it started flying around the room as I chased it out the door and finally it went on the floor where sister. Vic smashed it a couple times before it died as it continued to leap around, they are so strong it's ridiculous. Well, I enjoy my rodents of unusual and terrible sizes. Everything comes in huge size here, rats, cockroaches, spiders but the dogs are all small, just diseased. All right, sorry that ended up being my closing I had forgotten about it though. Good bye for real this time - Britney