Sunday, October 5, 2008

September 5th, 2008

President approved an activity for us today (P-day) before transfers so we all took a boat out to this beach of white sands. We spent most of the time taking pictures which I'm printing to send to you all and eating food. The water was so amazingly clear and warm I wanted to swim so much! Haha -- Bawal. We also found out today who will be transferred on Friday. Sister Odo is being transferred and I'm left in the area. I'll know who my new companion is next Monday. We have a lot of work to do in this area so I hope she's ready and willing to work hard :) I also hope she's really good at Tagalog, teehee... we'll see. Sister Hill is still in her first area and her companion goes home next transferso she'll be in her first area for most of her mission, I'm glad to move around but sad I won't get to see her at transfer day, I was sure she'd be transferred and we'd get to see each other. Does this fabulous new job mean you'll be able to come pick me up in about a year? :) Is there vacation leave, Haha. I realize that would be extremely expensive and who knows maybe I'll marry someone who served in the Philippines somewhere and we can all return together. I guess if I marry someone who didn't serve in the Philippines we could still return. It would just be cooler if they had. Also,more likely to happen. I'm still really curious about how everyone else feels about moving and what plans are for when you will move to Burley. Maybe I'll find out inmy mail this Friday. As for the card, the card has always worked as long as I'm at a store that accepts cards -- but I still can't get myself cash at the ATM's to use for places that don't accept cards. I might just be able to work it out so I don't need cash ever, though. Even though, cash would be easier. I just buy my food and dish soap and stuff when I can with the card and feel okay about using my mission cash for things like material for skirts. I also bought myself a Christmas/birthday present -- whatever you want it to be. It was our last chance because the couples buy them for you when they go to Manila and they are going home soon and who knows if the new couples would do it. They sell strings of real pearls for about 40 dollars. According to Sister Bringhurst they would be a couple hundred in America. I love pearls and they are really very beautiful. You didn't mention anything, or I forgot, about a package. At this point you may as well just get a good Christmas/birthday package ready for me, Haha. I don'tknow how you feel about trying to send cash in a package but I hear it's good to hide it in some way if you do and maybe if you do that I could have something just in case I ever do need cash but I think I'm a-okay. Also, you have to be careful about sending food because first off it's hot, second it could sit in the mission office for a long time and we have cases of bugs getting into packagesand destroying things. So, it has to be packaged and re-packaged if you decide to try that. Australian licorice maybe J. Anyway, here in the Philippines once you're into the BER months meaning September, October until December you sing Christmas songs so Sunday I played Christmas songs for sacrament meeting. I guess they don't have Thanksgiving to get in the way so it starts extra early.It was funny to me because we get frustrated when the music starts even right after Thanksgiving sometimes and here they have two full months before. They do have Halloween here however so that is kind of strange to me. It's okay. It always seems like Summer anyway. Well, because of our long trip I actually don't have much time to email and have to leave soon. I'll have lots of new news for you next week after transfers and hopefully will write some good letters next week also if I receive your mail. I love you all -- good luck with the play and finding a house and doing school and having your back get better! Love always again. Britney