Saturday, February 7, 2009

Email January 12th, 2009

Hello -- this will be real quick because we're running late today. We did an activity of sorts...more like we rode a long way away to another area and then ate and took pictures...because transfers have come again and some of our zone is leaving the island for main land. I am however not a part of that and neither is my companion so all is well in the land of Pola. As for my mail, our post man resigned in Pola so I have once again not been able to send any of my letters. In them includes a letter to Amanda so maybe you can tell her; and the others include birthday cards for my old sisters -- so I'll just say happy birthday here and hopefully you'll get letters from me within the next month or so, like around Mom's birthday, haha! I haven't gotten mail for a long time, we get it rarely here on the island anyway and the post office was closed for Christmas I think even on the main land so they weren't receiving mail to give us. Hopefully we get mail at transfers and hopefully Dad's letters are with it, I'll tell you next week.
Well, besides that all is well. I'm having a hard time thinking of much else to say; probably because I'm in a hurry to write so nothing is coming even for my short time here. I'll write again next week I guess -- untile then good bye, good luck with the snow and moving and school and work and Love from the Philippines - Sister Landrum