Monday, February 23, 2009

Email February 15th, 2009

Hey - we had to email early today and it looks like you haven't sent me an email yet -- boohoohoo. Well, I'm sorry Mom but your birthday letter will be kind of late, but happy birthday on Tuesday anyway. This Sunday we leave the island and won't be back until Friday, I meant I won't be back until Friday when I return with my new companion. I'm working in Nasugbu on the main land until then, it's an area in my first district area, the other sister area in Batangas.
Mary-Grace was baptized on Saturday and on Friday Mauriel will be baptized. All went well, and I will send you pictures this week.

We also had zone conference. Our mission president is having us all read the Book of Mormon together as a mission. From now until June 1 when we have our mission tour, meaning a member of the seventy comes and stays with us for a week and we have conference with him, we are supposed to finish it. It will be my third time on the mission to read it so I'm excited to do it as a mission and see what it does for us.

Well, hope all is going well. Late happy valentines and love from me.

-Sister Landrum