Saturday, February 7, 2009

Email February 2nd 2009

We're super late to email today because we had a bit of travel and hospital time to take care of. Before the missionaries go home they are required to get an x-ray of their chest so that's what sister Pasi and i did today and then we went with some members and elder's in our district to a beach and ate food and took pictures and are in a hurry to get back to our area now but stopped to email first :) I'll be emailing again Saturday I think...because we have zone conference next week and we have zone interviews in Calapan first Saturday we are going to just do our day in Calapan as our p-day so we can work Monday since we will then be gone from our area Tuesday and if you want me to get an email from you, it will need to be sent sometime Friday your time, I think. I'm glad to hear my grandparents received my Christmas card...and tell Aunt Jen not to worry. First of all I'm quite a ways away from all of the Elder's or anyone else for that matter most of the time. Second of all, my face is a bit spotted red lately and I'm always sweaty and my hair is flying all over the place -- it's not really attractive and the culture here doesn't mind pointing it out to you "so, do you have an allergy? Why are there red spots all around your lips right now? What happened to you?" They don't care at all, in fact they probably all still think I'm beautiful just because my hair is "yellow" and my skin is white even if my hair is gross and all over and my skin is white and polka-dotted :) hehe. I realize i'm deceiving...I sent pretty pictures - who wants to send a bad picture of themselves to people? haha. I'm glad that everyone is adjusting all right to the schools and are and all of that. Which dance was it they went to? Hopefully you will send me pictures. I still don't have that other letter from dad, but i haven't gotten mail yet again. This coming Saturday we will have interviews so I will get mail then and tell you if it came.

Oh yes, my one companion went home (that asked for garments) so she won't be having me send for more but the other one tried them out and says the tops are way too big for her and the bottoms were just great and she would love more -- problem is I don't know what sizes you sent for them originally to have you send more for her. I sent her a letter and hopefully I will get the information soon and you can send it -- but I thought I would ask if that is still all right?
I'm excited for zone conference because we will be staying the night in the apartment in my first area and I will probably go on splits with the new American sister and Sister Wilson, the other American, will work with my companion because they were companions before. I will get to see some of the people that were baptized in my first area again! hooray, I'm also excited to see how our new American sister is doing, it makes me think a lot about how much I have changed from those first couple of months to now, especially with her there in my very same first apartment and area.

Well, I hope you continue to all be well and that you accomplish sending me something before Friday so I can hear from you again...but if not I may be able to check it on Tuesday when we go to the main land for zone conference but I'm not really sure what will happen in the next two busy weeks of my life here in the Philippines...just don't be shocked when you don't get an email from me or get one early or get one late or anything like that. We have three baptisms scheduled for February fourteenth so we're working on getting them all ready and planning for that day and they seem to be excited that it's a memorable day (the day of love). Haha, well that's about all for now.
Love, Brit


Jen said...

I love Brity! Just wanted to say that!

shawn said...

just awsome brit just awsome i wish i could be in the mission feild most days...

oh by the way there is a sister in my byu ward who is from the phillapines and teaches tagalog at byu!!! cool huh?

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing all Brit's e-mails. Love keeping in touch with what she's doing.

Terri said...

Dear Brit. How was meeting the new American Sister? I bet she found greaT COMFORT IN VISITING WITH YOU AND SEEING YOUR SUCCESS. My heart is torn between the anticipation of your coming home and heaviness of knowing it will be over all to soon, just as you are at ease and in love with the people and work. I love you Brit.
Aunt Terri