Monday, February 23, 2009

Email February 22nd, 2009

Hello again...I didn't email early as in not on Monday, we just emailed earlier in the day. If you email me on Saturday or early Sunday it will always get to me, however :) We are emailing early again because we are here in my first area, Lemery, and about to go on an activity with all of the youth. Everyone who has seen me so far just keeps saying, "oh, you speak tagalog now!" haha...thank-goodness right? I may still speak choppy, actually, but at least I know what's going on now. One of the Elder's told me the other day, "you may still not be perfect, but nobody can sell you now." It's kind of strange translated into English but that's what he said.

I am in Lemery because I'm working in the area right next to it with another sister who'se companion also went home. We are working here until this Friday when I will get my new companion -- there are very few choices, not many sisters were transferred, but I still have no idea who it will be!

I'm having a very hard time typing, actually, because I decided it was a good idea to chop my finger off in the fan earlier today. It's not really chopped off but it hurts super bad and it bleeding all undernearth the nail, the middle finger on my right hands to be precise. I guess I should be smart enough to not turn the fan while it's still on, but I've done it some many times successfully! Gargh.

As for my exact date, I'm really guessing in a sense because they haven't given me my "trunk" letter yet which you get at about six months left...but I know the transfer is on the 12th of August so I leave on the plane the Wedenesday before that and because of the time difference arrive there that Thursday maybe or even Wedensday your time...probably Thursday actually but I really don't know, sorry. It's that week for sure, however.

As for school, I sent Carin an email and asked about campus plaza and if she would like to live with me again or knows of any openings. Hopefully I get a reply at transfers, if not I still don't know. I would like to just live there again because it's close to campus and a pretty good rate/ I like the people even though most of them are married now :) It would be great for Savanna to live with me and the institute program for non-students is fabulous, they feed you after every week and some people just went to get free dinner I think, but still got spiritually fed :)
It really is a difficult time for me to be coming home, I would like to early some money first, but hopefully I find a good job, or I'm thinking two! Since I have to take classes to stay enrolled I will take a Tagalog, religion and maybe dance class to get myself in shape again and try saving up enough money. If I need a loan for tuition I'll do it -- eeeek...and having a car would be fabulous since you live rather far away and even doing anything is more difficult without one. I don't like thinking about it, and probably did a lot more because my companion was going home, and I'm trying to be more full of faith and not scared about what will happen to me but I really wanted to try convincing president that I should just stay here as my eternal calling -- I know he won't agree and I do miss a couple of things -- like good lasagna and mexican food...and maybe my family too :) hehe.

We had another baptism last week, it went well also. She is the daughter of our recent member and the first one we ever contacted in their family -- it just took her a little longer than her mother to get ready.

That's about all I have as far as news and thoughts this week. I'm glad you are also enjoying your scripture reading along with my mission -- haha. Someone said in a devotional that it is good to have your blank scriptures, ones that you just read through without any interruptions so the revelation can flow and not be influenced by your past revelation which you have written and marked. I like the idea and do like to read straight sometimes and will probably buy myself another set of blank scriptures when I come home.

Good luck with everything and continue persuading Savanna that she needs to live with me first and it will be a great time -- hopefully ;) I'll tell you all about my new companion next week.

Sister Landrum