Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well done thy good and faithful servant

Britney arrives in Salt Lake City this coming Wednesday evening. We invite any of her friends and any of our family that would like to attend. Be to the airport by 9:15 pm at the bottom of the escalators.

We are pleased with Brit's testimony and dedication as a missionary. Her letters and emails are evidence of how serious she took her mission. He personal growth will provide her an advantage in pursuing the balance of her life. We cannot wait to embrace her and see her smiling face. She is worried that she will be tired and beat down looking due to a 20 hour travel. I assured her she could smell and have tattered clothing and matted hair and it wouldn't make one bit of difference! She will be hugged regardless. That emotional and tearful pretty lady next to me will be her mother. She has earned every tear. Fly safe sis, we are counting the seconds.


Jen said...

OHHHHH just can't wait ! See you soon Brity girl! Love you! I'm not going to brush my teeth and I'll come with my hair matted down! OK!

what was i thinking?! said...

what a happy, wonderful time for your whole family - we've all been blessed by her service - see you Wednesday, camcorder in hand, per my assignment ;-)

Amy said...

Can't Wait!!!