Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Come what may and love it...

Well, throughout the day I have had an uncomfortable feeling. I had all kinds of thoughts and concerns enter my mind. I dismissed them. Then, with 2.5 hours to go I became troubled enough that I began trying to track Brit's flight. The mission home sent us a simple itinerary which told us her flight number from LAX to SLC and time of arrival. But, we didn't even have a confirmation number (which it seems you must have or the Delta gastopo will take you out) and knew nothing about her international flight.

So, after 4 different phone calls and 4 different foreign employees (heavy accents) I finally got enough pieces of the puzzle from each that I was able to call the last lady (good english) and get somewhere. She was wonderful! The first lady "broke the rules" and let me know as a favor that Brit's international flight was with EVA Airlines. With that information I was able to get the next lady to give me a little more - that she wasn't flying into LAX but into SF instead. And finally, by the last lady I was able to spell things out well enough for her that she believed my story and provided me the details I needed.

So, Britney's international flight landed and she is safely on the ground in San Fransicso (changed from LAX to SF which was just one piece of the puzzle). But, there were problems with one of the missionary's luggage making it through customs so the group of missionaries missed their flight. I found out that she would be staying the night in SF and flying in Thursday morning at 9:00 am instead. We were 30 minutes from the airport when we discovered this news. So, we started urgently calling family. Then, Brit called and was quite suprised that I already knew her news. Don't mess with a concered Dad!!!

So, my promptings proved to be for good reason. I am so glad she is safe in SF and we will endure the disappointment until morning. We went to Marie Calendars to have pie to soften the blow. The benefit for Brit is that she gets to have a good nights sleep and take a good shower prior to seeing everyone.

I feel horrible because we weren't able to contact her dear friends to let them know the news. I received a phone call from Carin. It seems Amanda, Andrea and Carin (Brit's dearest friends) came to welcome her.

So, I thought I better post this tonight just in case anyone else needed to know what the latest moment in our missionaries life was.

We can't wait to see you sister Landrum at 9:00 am tomorrow morning!!!


shawn rowley said...

some good things take a little more time, she is worth the wait.

KJae said...

i almost would have felt like driving to SF...!

What time is the shindig on Saturday? And an address would be great!! ; )

Love you guys. kj

Home on the Grange said...

Thanks so much for posting about it! I wasn't able to make it to the airport and didn't hear the news until this morning.
I hope all is well now though.
Could you give a little more information about when the party will be?


Ging said...

Birt- So glad you are home safe and happy. So glad I made it to the airport, it was worth it.