Monday, May 11, 2009

Email April 27th, 2009

The pictures worked, might just be this computer but they are really small and kind of hard to see but better than nothing! I have a good picture of how it all went, everyone was there it seems.

Sorry about the bad health, I've been praying for good health for all of you; especially dad. The weather has been strange here also. We have had continual rain and it's supposed to be the hot season -- I guess if it's "cold" here you would expect snow storms there even in April.

We have zone conference again this week, it's going by fast. Did you know that the sisters from my batch in other missions in the Philippines go home July 1? They go home the transfer before we should and I go home the transfer after. July 1 would be so much nicer, and in fact President said that if I wanted to I could work out going home also at that time; but of course I don't. I did however have this strange dream the other night that nobody was at the airport when I got home and I drove myself straight to BYU to try to find my old job but the buildings on campus had all been changed and I was lost. I'm sure I'll find some kind of work and in the end everything will work out fine, I also expect you will in fact be there at the airport and I don't know what kind of food I will want :)

We have a nine and seventeen year old here in our area with baptismal dates now, they will be baptized in May. I will be printing pictures later today (now that we got our support money again) so I should send more pictures within the next couple of days, sorry there aren't any letters. I actually have one sitting in our apartment not yet sent because I've yet to find the post office here. I think there isn't one in our actual area, we have to cross over into the Elder's area to send mail.

We did some bowling earlier, and they still are while we email so I'm kind of in a hurry. I got a strike my first go at it and they all chastised me for having said I was bad -- but I proved it to them all the other times when I got gutter balls :) haha. I miss the days of lane gates -- I remember I always wanted to go bowling when I was younger, I have no idea why, haha.
Thanks for the mail and all the support -- sorry this is kind of short.

I love you all