Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 2nd, 2008

We sat in the front of the jeep we rode home in the other day. Sister Victorino was watching as he worked the clutch and asked me to explain it all. And, I got to thinking about driving. Especially from your last letter all about selling my car. Funny how I really have SO many memories attached to that car. I wish I could be there to drive for you all those miles because I kind of miss driving. But, my day will come again. For now I'm a passenger in the most interesting of transportation methods. Although, I'm not sure this makes me as healthy as I should be and am excited to start regular exercise again (very difficulthere, haha). So you don't plan to every do any remodeling to the house? I feel like that will change but who knows? I am sorry I didn't do a better job of packing up all my things in the office for you. I think all of my "things" are in that office. I guess there are the boxes in the barn. It willbe fun to go through it all when I come back and figure out what to throw out, what to pack and what to take again to college or wherever I go. So were John and Felicia busy with school so they didn't come to the blessing? What are they all up to these days? I don't seem to hear a lot about the younger generation.Grandma Lois also, I think your mention of seeing her at the temple was also the first I've heard about them in a while. Well, be sure to tell everyone hello from me even if they aren't really getting letters -- I expect whoever really wants to is looking at that blog site, I don't know if it's been updated at all but from almost every letter I get someone mentions looking at it so it makes me feel less bad that I don't write to many people unless I get a letter from them :) Speaking of Aunt Terry the new graduate -- and Gabby being all grown up, how are Becca and Kate also? And uncle Shawn? Hmmm, anyway, I like news about the family even if it's only a little bit. Some sister’s skirts are just a little too short in my opinion. I prefer a little bit longer than too short especially because it's hard to sit comfortable especially when traveling. As for blouses, a collar is not mandatory. It just needs to be nice and it's not supposed to be TOO flashy or too informal. The idea -- the focus is not on our clothing but we need to also look nice, basicallythat's it. I've been through the process of having almost everything I brought with me altered, shorter sleeves, to fit better because I lost weight or it was just baggy and long etc. and bought a couple more short sleeved shirts while here like the one you mentioned with the cream tie. If you could send me some more simple headbands, black also... that would be nice because I wear a headband almostevery single day and braid the rest of my hair -- it's all I can do :) As for my skin... it's just as annoying as ever but the pictures do seem to not show it off very well which is nice. This week I've had a particularly sensitive skin week :) Most of the American's I've seen/talked to say their skin doesn't like it here either. We've all broken out at times then gotten better, etc. just because of the pollution and the heat and sweat. It pulls the gunk out of the pores because of the humidity anyway this is a bit long for talking about skin and as for my soap, I use whatever I can find. I'm not sure what will happen with this but my old companion Sister Mabalot and sister Abad are now companions and they both asked me the other day how hard it would be to have you send them some garments from America because here they only sell one kind and they both really like mine, the dry silk tops and the caranessa bottoms. Maybe you can just tell me what you think about that or how hard it would be. I expect they would just pay me in pesos and so you'd never get any extra money for it. I'd just get some cash :) haha. If the package really does only take six days I will get it at zone conference which is October 6th or something like that. But, last time it clearly took longer so I won't be looking forward to it :) I got a letter from Shaela and Jake is going on a mission. That's exciting. I also heard from Andrea and Heidi is getting married in December. Maybe I told you that last week. As for actual gifts for Christmas and my birthday I can think of nothing in particular and already count the money I use on the card as my gifts even though the money on the card is actually food. That's because I use my cash to buy things like material to have a skirt sewn. I also use it to print pictures and send expensive letters because my allowance money doesn't fit for that either and dad said to keep printing pictures so that's what I'm doing. So, I printed the pictures from Sherwin's baptism and will write a letter later today about it. We had a super busy week with travel to Lucena and service projects because in the Philippines it was Family Week. We visited the jail and the children's center. I'll probably write more about that also. I can't believe September is over and neither can my companion. October seems like it will go fast also because we have Zone Conference, General Conference, Stake Conference and then another transfer. And, we're not sure if I'll be transferred now or next time but likely one of them since she'll need to train someone new before she goes home in January. Well, good luck with all the parties coming up and keep me updated. Tell everyone hello and that's about it for now. Love, Brit.